PPE Vending Machine for Face Mask, Hand Sanitiser and Disposable Gloves

Mechanical vending machine 3 column white

  • High security, wall mounted mechanical machine
  • Indoor and outdoor versions available – ideal for all locations
  • Machine can be set to offer different configurations of PPE, including 3 columns of face masks. 
  • Standard £1 vend, other vend price options available – including free vend
  • Screen printed graphics, can be customised to suit particular requirements
  • Easy to install and operate
  • PPE can be supplied for self fill situations.

Please contact ppevending@autonumis.co.uk for more details about our face mask vending machine and other variants.


Face Mask Vending Machine

With Covid-19 still very much in circulation it is hugely important to be able to offer your employees or customers the protection they need to stay safe and healthy.

Hand Sanitiser Vending Machine

Our low cost PPE vending machines, which are made in the UK, give you the ability to make available faces masks, hand sanitiser and a pair of disposable gloves, all in special vending packs. If you prefer to offer the PPE free of charge this is easily achieved with a quick and easy tweak to the vending machine.

Disposable Gloves Vending Machine

The bold graphics leave no one in doubt that you’re doing your bit to provide people with PPE and therefore playing your part in the fight against Covid-19.