Bravanti Post-mix Dispenser

Post-mix - water option (low res)

  • Accurate Brix delivery using state of the art digital control (no tools required for setting or adjustment)
  • Accurate concentrate metering by means of two speed peristaltic pumps
  • Large capacity cold heat sink providing high performance cooling especially during peak demand
  • Refrigerated concentrate compartment with frost free cooling
  • Product running low indication via a warning LED
  • Quick assembly mixing chamber for easy cleaning and fast product restocking
  • Flush mode cleaning – quick and simple
  • Portion control or free flow options – with small, medium and large drink volumes set digitally
  • Large illuminated product display area – featuring easy change customer graphics and low energy LED lighting
  • Illuminated dispense area
  • Lock out to prevent use during out-of-service hours
  • Modular design of key assemblies to allow for easy servicing and cleaning

set on portion control and incorporating chilled water option

Bravanti 3 post-mix BIB dispenserBravanti Post-mix BIB Dispenser ZestBravanti post-mix BIB juice Dispenser Fulla

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