Brevio BIB Pre-mix Dispenser

Yoghurt Yogurt dispenser for bag-in-box BIB
  • A new generation of pre-mix dispenser with portion control
  • Suitable for higher viscosity products such as yoghurts or sauces
  • Two models to acccommodate either 2 x 6.5 or 2 x 10 litre BIBs
  • Portion sizes settable between 50ml to 500ml
  • Settings digitally programmed by the owner/operator
  • Refrigerated product compartment for optimum serving temperature
  • Automatic defrost cycle and condensate removal
  • Lock out to prevent use during out-of-service hours
  • Large illuminated product display area featuring easy change customer graphics and low energy LED lighting
  • Illuminated dispense area
  • Easy installation, fast product restocking and easy to keep clean


Brevio dispenser portion control - outside blackBrevio dispenser portion control - inside

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