Customised Products

Customised Vending Machine
Many companies invest in the design of equipment for their exclusive use but don’t want to manufacture themselves. As a manufacturer, Autonumis understands this. We recognise the need for confidentiality and exclusive supply while still giving the customer the benefit of our component buying capabilities and manufacturing economies of scale.

Our flexibility is second to none – customers build a relationship with a professional manufacturing company without the worry about details of manufacturing and technical support.


Autonumis is often asked to design a product┬áspecifically for a company and then provide a full manufacturing and supply service. We liaise with the company’s specifiers – usually their marketing team – to ensure that the design meets targets of cost, lead-time and functionality.

This custom product manufacturing route can still often benefit from the use of some of our standard design platforms which can help to keep lead-times short and costs to a minimum.

Concept BIB juice dispenser



Autonumis works hard to ensure that our product range meets the needs of a wide range of customers. However, sometimes customers want something different.

They may ask us to manufacture a product they have designed, have us design and manufacture a product especially for them or adapt one of our products to match their brand image. Autonumis’ design, production engineering and manufacturing systems are extremely flexible and can adapt to meet these needs.

Nesquik Milkshake BIB Drinks dispenserPRODUCT ADAPTATION

Another area of customised production is adaptation of our existing designs to suit a customer’s idea. This can range from a simple change of colour or graphics to a┬ácomplete overhaul of image and presentation. Who would have thought that inside the Nestle “Rabbit” is an almost standard bag in box drink dispenser?

Adapting standard products means even shorter lead-times and lower development costs.