Small Pack Vending Machines

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 TG side white low Vending Machine for PPE  TG side white low Mechanical Machines Electronic Vending Machine 6 column silver Electronic Machines  
Face Mask, Hand Sanitiser and Disposable Gloves
Rugged and vandal resistant but with great branding potential
Great vend flexibility, capacity and features

We specialise in vending machines for small boxed products. These can be sited in a huge variety of locations as they do not require mains power. Recently introduced is our PPE Vending Machine which can be configured to vend face masks, hand sanitiser and disposables gloves. The machine can also be fully loaded with face masks and the artwork on the front cover adapted accordingly.

PPE Vending Machine for Face Mask, Hand Sanitiser and Disposable Gloves Mechanical Vending Machine Electronic Vending Machine